“Greetje is, besides being exceptional creative, also energetic and organizational strong, thus making it very easy to work with her on projects. She has a nice personality, is open minded and will listen carefully to your input and ideas. She upon her turn knows how to translate this into unique creative ways with an amazing result.
A lady with passion for her profession!

E. Beuvink, European Sales Manager Briers UK

“I’ve worked together with Greetje on several nice projects.
Because of her knowledge and passion for her profession, she brings across her enthusiasm.
Greetje comes up with very innovative ideas and knows exactly how to translate an atmosphere and style into an innovative area, floral objects or displays.

She has a critical eye and a high level of ambition, this results in the fact that every projects she touches is done to perfection.”

M. van Zoomeren, Illustreken

“I know Greetje nearly 10 years, I got to know her when she worked for Kaemingk and later on as being self-employed for Great Styling! Greetje has got a nice personality and added values for her are cooperation, creativity and enthusiasm.
For Hotel Villa Ruimzicht and Foodbar LEV, Greetje took care of the finishing touch of the interior design.
Stylish and considering our mutual ideas.
Working along with Greetje would stop you worrying and makes you happy”.

K. Hensen, Hotel Villa Ruimzicht/Foodbar LEV

“In the past few years I’ve worked together with Greetje on several fair projects in the United Kingdom. My experience with Greetje is that she knows how to translate our wishes and targets into our actual stand.
She understands what we want to create and has the ability to make our stand look different from our competitors. The challenges of our projects are the complexity of the routing of the stand, finding the balance in the different product categories and number of products in the stand as well as working along with a big team and keeping the overview. In addition I appreciate the quality of Greetje being open to input, before as well as during the building of the stand. 

S. Koldeweij, Kaemingk.BV

“Along with Greetje I had to conduct a few practical exams. Her expertise and vision is refreshing. The strength of Greetje is a combination of her experience and knowledge on styling along with her ability to empathise with the people and situation she’s working in. She easily adapts the culture and opportunities within a business, but dares to come up with new ideas in an enthusiastic and inspiring way! Great!

H. Gussinklo, Docente AOC-Oost, Eigenaresse Atelier Lokaal3

“The top floor of my building used to be a small empty space.
I wondered how I could make this room look spacious and keep the overview.
Greetje perfectly understood what I meant and took care of the room. It has become a spacious room with several opportunities to present my gift and home deco accessories by keeping a clear view.
Greetje is a sparkly, down to earth personality with humour and courage.
Dynamic, involved, professional and a passion for her profession, all of this has contributed to the fact that my products are well presented at Puur WoonGeluk!”

J. Oleman, Puur Woongeluk