• Are you looking for a new design for your shop or exhibition stand?
  • Are you lacking time to create your instore displays?
  • Are you looking for a creative mind or extra help in busy periods?
  • Are you exhibiting at a trade show but do not have the time to plan it or like some visual inspiration?

Let me help you!

Great Styling supports retailers to reach their target market and convince them. This can be on a project basis and both assisting on the operational side as well as heading the project. 

Great Styling works together with creative people who carry out and implement your concept in visual merchandising.
Flexible, pro-active and focused on the result. Continuously, until the finishing touch!

“Greetje comes up with very innovative ideas and knows exactly how to translate an atmosphere and style into an innovative area, floral object or display.

She has a got a critical eye and a high level of ambition, this results in the fact that every project she touches is done up to perfection.”

M. Van Zoomeren – Illustreken -